The hottest popcorn in the world

Man Crates delivers awesome gifts for men.  Check out Cornferno in two explosive gifts - the Hot & Spicy Crate and  Premium Hot & Spicy Crate. 

"This collection of facemelters isn't intended for the average or even above-average man. It's for the tiny handful of masochistic spice-freaks, the fringe of society that enjoys cauterizing their tastebuds and incinerating their body from the inside out."
- Man Crates


Made with lip burning Habanero Peppers and million scoville unit Bhut Jolokia Ghost Peppers, Cornferno is primed to blow your socks off.  Taste the incendiary treat that has the whole neighborhood talking, screaming, and motioning for help!


Made exclusively by the Pop Pop Shoppe, Northeast Texas' largest quality driven popcorn producer, Cornferno boasts a sugary sweet heat and cinnamon kick that's part crunchy snack and all fiery experience.   It's agreed by many - Cornferno truly is the hottest popcorn in the world.  Contact for wholesale pricing.


Braving the island's wrath has rarely been so tasty!  underneath popcano's sweet crunch springs a flavorful thrill.  Beware!

Popcano takes Cornferno's signature flavor and turns down the heat just enough for you to make it out alive.   Contact for wholesale pricing.

Cornferno and Popcano are produced with a taste for quality by Pop Pop Shoppe, LLC in Texarkana, TX.

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